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[Building A Family] twists and turns, oozing the existential dread haunting the parts of your brain
you can’t quite reach sober or while awake.
— Meg Fair, Pittsburgh City Paper

SPISH at Mr. Smalls Theatre, February 2018 .                  Photo by: Dylan Rosgone


SPISH is somewhat indescribable. Some call it dark avant-indie, or cult pop. Nate Die from Pittsburgh, PA released the independently produced album, “Building A Family” in late September of 2017. He and the oddball "orchestra" that accompanies him have shared notable bills with The Garden, Vundabar, The Nude Party, HOOPS, Jack Stauber, Kikagaku Moyo (Japan), Girl Band (Ireland), and The Radio Dept (Sweden).

The 9-track album swims into the strangest of human psyches, telling sideways tales of religious loyalty, manipulative love, and the cult-like journey of popular opinions. All of which is backed by a wall of aberrant instrumentation & a thick crust of tangible melody. It’s beautiful in ways, and terrifying in others.

“Building A Family” is available digitally & on gold cassette in conjunction with Crafted Sounds. The album peaked at #3 nationwide in the indie-rock cassettes category via Bandcamp during its first week of sales, and was nominated as Best Alternative Album of 2017 by Sound Scene Express. The song "Waxed" was awarded Year's Best Single. Both can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.


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"SPISH sounds like SPISH"


Press on SPISH:

"Self-promotion as an art" by Meg Fair, Pittsburgh City Paper

"New Local Releases: SPISH" by Meg Fair, Pittsburgh City Paper



Crafted Sounds (US)

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Nate Die
Guitar / Vocals

Percussion / Vocals

Synth / Vocals

Bass / Vocals