The Gut Jug:

An Acoustic Bass


After birth, Ed fiddled with devices. From building small robots, to remodeling homes, Ed has done it all.

Of all the items that Ed has created, this is his most prized.


Materials utilized:

  • (1) Water Cooler Jug*
  • (2) Grover Tuners*
  • (2) Bass Strings (E/A)
  • (1/2) Ax Handle*
  • (1) Rubber Mallet Head*
  • (1) Handful of Screws*
  • (1) Very Old Capo*
  • (1) Very Old, Plastic Nut*
  • (2) Faucet O-Rings

*Recycled Materials

Listen to it here:

The Zine:

A complete redesign

Unhappy with what was, Ed made changes. He wanted things to be cleaner to the eye, to pop when they're supposed to.

So that's what happened.

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