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"A marveled mystery"

 "Much like the couch is a combination of chair and chair, Spacefish are the harmonious whispers of terrestrial lifestyle and alien aspiration."

Here is my report:

N.R., abducted as a child age 9, landed in BUB's yard one year later. BUB, teaching drums to a fleet of mice at the time, walked outside. The two quickly became friends, spending most of their early years learning. 

ALEXA was found on top of a mountain that same day, translating English to a forgotten race of talking goat. RAE, on holiday with her deceased family, found her there. The two joined forces, searching for something called the "red lemon botanical."

In 2014, the band formed with only two members (N.R. & BUB).  Their debut album, "A LOVE STORY" hit #1 on zero charts.

Stricken, Spacefish took a walk. They walked far and to the foot of what seemed to be the tallest mountain alive. They discussed futures along the way.

BUB pointed. "What's that there?" 

N.R. picked it up. "Why, this looks like one single red lemon."

"Red lemon botanical," said the girls in unison from behind them. "We've been looking for that."

In 2015, the band quickly rose to fame working with artists such as Girl Band, Morning Teleportation, and TEEN. Their presence was fruitfully noted by the boys & girls of Pittsburgh.

"Turning indie music on its head" — Hannah Gloecki, NakYouOut

"So unique yet so familiar" — Hugh Twyman, HughShows

"The worm in your fruit" — Ed Tangerine, Diary

Scientists account the band's success due to a lack of bullshit. Their explosive energy onstage, and their sentiment in the studio, are what fans cling to. When asked to comment on their fame,    the band only responded with:

"The truth is in the pudding. Are you coming or not?" 


Vocals, Strings / N.R.
Percussion / BUB
Vocals, Synth / ALEXA
Opera, Percussion / RAE


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entry LOG:

Day 22

“Things are worse than we thought,” they said. “Earth is decaying in full tilt.”

When asked about the future of Earth and its inhabitants, Spacefish replied, almost eerily, as if this current, rapid flux has somehow been a part of their master plan. 

“It’s too complex to explain. Please leave us work.”

It seems as though, despite my level of intellect and promise within several contrastive fields of academia, that I am unable to contribute to the research in which Spacefish studies. Logs and data cover maps and walls. The members of this team work irrefutably well together.

I feel inferior.


Your Human Correspondent


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